“I want to thank you for putting this class together. I have been to one other class but I must say this one had my attention the whole time. They kept the class engaged at all times and very helpful at the gun range with the people who have never shot before. It was an awesome class!”
Mike G.

"I am so impressed with the Cornell Defense program. From the 1st day of class to the end at the shooting range. I can't say enough how well the program was run. Even though I was not prepared, the program director was. Attending more sessions with Cornell Defense is definitely in my future. Thank you so much!!"
Linda M.

James and Eric were very professional and knowledgeable. It was interesting and I learned a lot from their expertise. Would certainly recommend this class. Thanks so much!!
Linda F.

Professional, courteous and informative. I had taken a CCW class 4 years ago, but never made it a priority to apply for my license. This class covered more items that I feel are crucial to anyone who wants to carry a concealed firearm responsibly and safely.
Joseph S.